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Cultured Stone The look of stone: timeless, varied and beautiful, lending stature and conveying an image of quality. Now more than ever, it complements fine architecture across the land. Owens Corning is the leader in manufactured stone veneer, and the Cultured Stone® brand is the most preferred by architects and builders. In fact, five times as many builders say they use Owens Corning products most often, compared with their leading competitor.*

Customers are loyal to Owens Corning because they give them more of what they want. Including more textures and colors. More sizes and shapes. And, of course, more striking aesthetics and quality.

Many Cultured Stone® surfaces look exactly like the natural stones from which they were molded – right down to the smallest detail. Other Cultured Stone® veneers and trims – while still nature-inspired – have been enhanced to either simplify installation or better fit in with today’s styles.

What’s common to all of their products is this: Everything they create undergoes a meticulous production process, aided by many technological innovations. And it’s all backed by a warranty that’s just as substantial as the surfaces themselves.

As a building material, real stone can be problematic. But Cultured Stone® manufactured stone veneer is the opposite. Lightweight, versatile and affordable, it frees homeowners, designers and architects to explore new creative directions. Turning any place into a personal expression – written in stone.

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