The Lightweight Fill

From design and timelines, to materials and costs, Tru-R Geofoam is engineered to give you the greatest possible control for your project application and results.

The advantages of using Tru-R Geofoam include:


Predictable material behavior


Manufactured to meet ASTM D6817


Variety of types to meet specific project requirements


Super lightweight compared to other fills


Inert in long-term burial conditions, no leachates


Maximizes onsite installation efficiency


Installation is not delayed by weather

Geofoam Applications

Stadium Seating

The theater viewing experience enhances every great performance. Tru-R Geofoam has been used to cost-effectively transform movie theaters, public outdoor venues, school auditoriums, and private viewing rooms into environments where people become immersed in the performance.

Retaining Walls

Reducing lateral loads on retaining walls reduces the costs of construction and ensures long-term performance. Using Tru-R Geofoam provides the most reliably engineered, fast construction method to build high-performance retaining walls.

Lightweight Roads

Transportation roadways often need to be built over unstable soils. The use of structural, lightweight Tru-R Geofoam reduces construction time and the costly steps of surcharging, de-wicking, and driving piles.

Bridge Abutments

Tru-R Geofoam reduces lateral loads on the bridge deck support system, reducing cost. It also prevents the potential deferential settlement of the finished roadway and the bridge deck elevation.

Plaza Decks

Reducing overbearing loads on plaza decks increases deck spanning distances at a lower cost. Tru-R Geofoam’s insulation power allows for conditioned habitable space under the plaza deck.

Foundation Fill

Tru-R Geofoam allows for soil removal and replacement, providing a net-zero weight gain for the structure on the building footprint.

Utility Protection

Overbearing fill and roadways, reoccurring live loads, and consolidating soils can cause damage to underground utility service runs. Tru-R Geofoam relieves these stresses and protects critical utility runs for years to come.

Slope Stabilization

Designs using Tru-R Geofoam can provide an engineered solution that eliminates slope erosion and stabilizes native conditions such as mobile soils, cyclical surface, and subsurface water events.

Building Fill

Urban redevelopment and reclamation of historical buildings requires adjustments to floor and stair elevations to meet code egress, HVAC, and electrical standards. Tru-R Geofoam elegantly and cost-effectively provides the solution.

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