Leaders in EPS Sustainability

The EPS industry is committed to sustainability through innovation. We demonstrate this dedication through lean manufacturing processes, a comprehensive recycling system, and by harnessing new technologies to conserve raw materials and reduce waste. The EPS industry is continuously seeking to further market applications, reduce impacts and raise performance.

Tru-R insulation always comes in green.


Less molded polystyrene is needed compared to other packaging materials


Molded polystyrene packaging is durable and can be reused over and over again.


Molded polystyrene is 100% recyclable. It can be ground into granules and reincorporated into new molded polystyrene products. Or it can be thermally processed into a resin to manufacture other new products.

Molded Polystyrene Sustainability

When evaluating the environmental aspects of packaging material or systems, it is necessary to consider the package performance, environmental impact during its lifecycle, and end-of-life options. Molded polystyrene transport packaging is smart, safe, and sustainable. Over 95% air plus recyclable plastic makes a sound environmental choice. Its lightweight saves fuel during shipping. With molded polystyrene cushioning, you achieve lower damage rates, translating into positive sustainability factors. Molded polystyrene is also often less energy-intensive than alternative choices.

How can you participate in sustainability?

All of our Tru-R products are 100% recyclable and we offer a drop off recycling service to our customers and the local community. We accept clean white Expanded Polystyrene only, no food containers or packaging peanuts. Material can be dropped off at our Buffalo NY location Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm. When you arrive please call 716-874-6474 for instructions on where to leave the material.

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