Tru-R Insulation for Construction & Roofing

Tru-R is among the most versatile, energy-efficient, and cost-effective insulators available in the construction industry, delivering extremely high, stable R-values. Depend on Tru-R to do practically any job from the ground up.

What is EPS?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative, high-performance building material engineered to deliver long-term, reliable energy efficiency. EPS insulation is ideal for green building design, offering numerous environmental advantages, including reduced energy consumption, recycled content, localized distribution, and improved indoor air quality.




EPS insulation provides dependable, long-term performance for interior and exterior foundation applications. Its closed-cell structure results in minimal water absorption and moderate vapor permanence. Density, strength, and thickness can be specified to meet compressive loading forces and thermal resistance requirements.

  • Sub-Slab Insulation
  • Exterior Perimeter Foundation Walls
  • Interior Foundation Walls


Versatility, lasting value, and performance make EPS insulation ideal for a variety of wall, ceiling, and floor applications that substantially increase the thermal efficiency of the building structure.

  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Exterior Sheathing/Underlayment


Roofing systems using EPS can meet the most demanding building requirements. EPS insulation is compatible with all commercial roofing systems, including but not limited to built-up roofing and modified bitumen systems and single-ply membrane systems that are either ballasted, mechanically fastened, or fully adhered.

  • Flat, Tapered, Composite, & Flute Fill
  • Built-Up & Modified Bitumen Membrane Systems
  • Single-Ply Membrane Systems

Performance Properties


Stable Thermal Resistance

Whether used as a stand-alone component or part of a highly engineered building system, EPS insulation provides a permanent lifetime R-value that delivers maximum energy efficiency.

The amount of insulation required will vary depending on the building design, climate, and energy costs, making it essential to choose the most cost-effective R-value per inch (RSI per 25mm). The R-value of EPS insulation ranges from 3.1 to 4.3 per inch, and the RSI ranges from 0.55 to 0.76 per 25mm.


Comprehensive Resistance

Due to its high resiliency and compressive resistance, EPS is an excellent choice for the repetitive loading of roof insulation (walkability), sub-pavement flooring, road building, and general load-bearing insulation. With its flexible production process, the mechanical properties of EPS can be adjusted to suit every specified application


Moisture Protection

EPS does not readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere – its closed-cell structure reduces moisture absorption and/or migration. EPS insulation is proven to retain its specified thermal and mechanical properties due to in-situ freeze-thaw cycling. EPS is proven to maintain thermal resistance under severe long-term exposure conditions.

Construction Applications

Architectural Shapes

Tru-R gives you control over the design of your project. You determine the shape and specs of the components you need, and we’ll work with you to custom fabricate your design with computer-aided design (CAD).

Cavity Wall

Tru-R is an ideal material to stop energy loss in brick-faced residential and commercial masonry and framed walls.

Concrete Applications

Tru-R for poured-in-place and precast concrete systems reduces the requirement for concrete and overall weight.

Crawl Space

Tru-R can be used as concrete sandwich panel cores, block-outs/knock-outs, void fillers, custom pattern forms, and more.

Exterior Sheathing

Tru-R has superior moisture resistance, breathability, and stable R-value to protect your insulation integrity.

Perimeter & Under Slab

Tru-R with borate has built-in protection against the destructive force of termites.

Protection Boards

Installed prior to backfilling, Tru-R Protection Boards provide impact puncture protection over foundation walls that have been damp-proofed or water-proofed with coatings/membranes. Protection is also provided against crushed stone/gravel used in many foundation drainage designs. In cold regions, Tru-R Protection Boards bond-break the soil from the foundation wall, as insulation reduces potential damage of freeze-thaw cycling.

Radiant Floor Boards

Tru-R Radiant Floor Boards for use in radiant floor systems are provided in two configurations:

  • 4’ x 4’ boards with 3” on center slots for fast installation of PEX tubing in hydronic radiant systems
  • 4’ x 8’ flat sheets for use in electric radiant systems

Nail Base

Tru-R Nailbase consists of Exposure I rated Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and UL Classified Tru-R rigid insulation. Stability and traffic resistance make Tru-R Nailbase perfect for both residential/commercial roof decks and walls.

Nail Strip

Tru-R Nailstrip consists of factory-installed furring strips and UL Classified Tru-R rigid insulation. Stability makes Foam-Control Nailstrip perfect for both residential and commercial wall applications.

Tru-R Roofing

Tru-R Roof Insulations offer versatility for use in virtually all Roofing Membrane Systems. Tru-R can be supplied as flat board stock, tapered, unfaced, or with factory-applied facings or cover boards.

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