Mark Allen Associates

Begun in 1970, Mark Allen Associates was a Manufacturers Representative and Distributor organization.  Some of the earlier lines that Mark Allen Associates handled were Dryvit Systems Inc., Alcan Building Products, Norton Industries, Capaul Acoustical Products, Decoustics, Rulon, Sound Concepts and others.  In 1998, the owner of Mark Allen Associates decided to sell the business to Thermal Foams, Inc. and join the organization as a salesperson.  The material lines that Mark Allen Associates represented at the time of the sales, agreed to continue to have the new Mark Allen Associates division of Thermal Foams Inc. represent them.  In the intervening 20+ years, Mark Allen Associates has expanded some lines into Western Pennsylvania, in addition to strengthening their current product line into the manufacturers they represent today.

Custom Castings Northeast

Custom Casting Northeast is a manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) architectural materials.  Column covers, cornices, domes, coves, headers, etc. are manufactured based upon factory developed molds to ensure consistent quality and accuracy.  Durable and long lasting, the products available from Custom Castings Northeast provide an excellent way to meet a wide variety of design requirements.

AVL Systems, Inc.

Looking for ways to solve acoustics within a space?  AVL Systems, Inc. is a manufacture of acoustical products that absorb, diffuse or deflect sound within a space.  Used to decrease echo, enhance sound richness or redirect existing sound, AVL Systems provides a wide variety of products to meet specific requirements.  Available in an almost unlimited number of sizes and finishes, the acoustical products from AVL System can help in offices, restaurants, conference rooms or anywhere that noise is an issue.


As the country’s only manufacturer of exclusively wood ceiling and wall products, 9Wood offers a variety of options to enhance the aesthetics of your building.  Whether it be an accent area within as space or a dramatic look used to impress, 9Wood offers products to address your desires.  Grilles, linear wood, wood panels, coffers, curves are all available in either solid wood or wood veneer options with a variety of stains, including customs, to create the intended look.  9Wood also offers a wide variety of products that provide a guaranteed 3-6 week lead time for those Fast-Track projects.


Manufacturing metal ceiling for over 50 years, Rockfon North America offers.  Whether aluminum or steel, whether having acoustical properties or not, Rockfon’s product line contains a variety of different products,  Linear metal, open cell metal, metal panels, curved metal ceilings, etc., are all available in different sizes, and finishes.  Aluminum’s resistance to rust allows for material to be used in exterior soffit area or in high humidity environments such as pools or locker rooms.  The ability to add an sound absorption component to these metal ceilings can provide both a durable and functional ceiling in almost any area.