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Energy Savings Calculator

This R-Control energy savings calculator will provide you with estimates of energy use comparisons between conventional building methods and building with R-Control SIPs based on your input below.

Location of Building:

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Describe the Building:

Building Width:

Building Depth:

Wall Height:


SIPs and Energy Usage Map

Conventional Building:



Air Leakage:

R-Control SIP Building:

Wall Framing:

Roof Framing:

Air Leakage:


*Disclaimer: Energy costs for your project will vary depending on the building envelope design/installation, weather conditions, and usage. The calculator assumes the following: 15% window area, natural gas for heating, and electricity for cooling. This information is intended for comparison purposes only and should not be used to determine the size of HVAC equipment. In order to determine your specific energy costs, consult a local HVAC professional to complete ACCA Manual J calculation.