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R-Control SIPs and FreeGreen Green Home Plans

R-Control SIP home plans from FreeGreenR-Control SIP is proud to be the key construction component in FreeGreen “Green Home Plans”. By selecting a FreeGreen “Green Home Plan” constructed with R-Control SIPs, we believe you’ll be building the most energy efficient, durable and comfortable home possible. And, because the plan comes from the talented minds of the FreeGreen designers it will be architecturally well planned, while being both stunning and beautiful.

Why use R-Control Structural Insulated Panels in a Green Home Plan?

First of all R-Control SIPs are a strong structural system consisting of rigid foam insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This simple sandwich forms an amazingly strong structural panel. This strength makes R-Control SIPs one the strongest building systems available…a very good feature when storms threaten. And, the quality of R-Control SIPs assure you of straight, flat walls with no bulging framing members. A continuous wood surface inside and out provides a sound nailing base for every type of exterior and interior finish…just think of how easy hanging pictures will be.

Another great feature of an R-Control SIP structure is the comfort benefit to you and your family. R-Control SIPs help to create an inside home environment that is more easily and economically controlled…no drafts, no cold spots…you are comfortable and the environment benefits because you’re using less energy and creating less pollution. In addition to their superior physical comfort, R-Control SIP structures are also very quiet and clean. This is due to R-Control SIP structures air tight envelope, so FreeGreen designers always specify high performance air ventilation, heat recovery and air filtering systems to ensure optimum indoor air quality.

Let’s talk about long term durability against mold, mildew and destructive wood eating insects like termites. R-Control SIPs are made with Foam-Control EPS termite resistant Perform Guard insulation and are additionally protected with FrameGuard® Coating. FrameGuard coating protects the OSB facings from mold, mildew, decay and termites. FrameGuard protection includes a 20 year warranty and the FrameGuard coating is Green Guard® certified for indoor air quality.

Ready to get started on your FreeGreen “Green Home Plan” constructed with R-Control SIPs? Start here.

Simply have your builder contact us. We’ll be happy to collaborate with you on your project, walk you through R-Control SIP installation, provide technical information, pricing, and answers to all your questions.