SIP Labor Case Study 3

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SIPs Labor Case Study 3

Project: Labor time estimate for the setting of R-Control SIPs for wall and roof panels used to build the structural and insulated envelope of a 28’ x 22’ structure.

R-Control SIPs: Panels were supplied from factory: Cut to length, width, and gable configuration. Door and window openings were cut. Spline and plate pockets were factory cut.

Scope of work – Walls:

  • Treated lumber at top of concrete for capillary break, as in SIP-104.
  • Sill plate was installed top of treated plate, as in SIP-104.
  • R-Control SIP was set over sill plate, as in SIP-104.
  • Panel to panel connection was done using block spline, as in SIP-102g.
  • Corner connection was done, as in SIP-103.
  • Door, window openings field plated, as in SIP-114 and SIP-115.
  • 4 man crew was used to hand set panels and execute details.

Results – Walls

  • 4 men spent 3 hours or 12 man hours to set 100 lineal feet of wall.
  • 8.33 lineal feet of installed R-Control SIP per man hour.
  • 84 square feet of installed R-Control SIP per man hour.

Scope of work – Roof:

  • Preparation of R-Control SIP roof panels on ground, block spline male side installed, as in SIP-102g.
  • Attachment at eave wall, as in SIP-102g.
  • Attachment at gable wall, as in SIP-122c.
  • Attachment at ridge, as in SIP-121a.
  • Eave and gable edge plating, as in SIP-119b and SIP-119d.

Results – Roof

  • Preparation: 2 men spent 1 hour to install 180 lineal ft. of block spline in 4’ wide x 15’ long roof panels, as in SIP-102g.
  • 90 lineal feet of spline per man hour.
  • 2 men on roof, 1 man on the ground, set 900 sq. ft. of roof in 2 hours, 6 man hours, plus 2 man hours prep.
  • 2 hours of crane time.
  • 113 square feet of installed R-Control roof panels per man hour.