SIP Labor Case Study 1

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SIPs Labor Case Study 1

SIPs cut labor time Project: Labor time estimate for setting R-Control SIP wall panels used to build the structural and insulated envelope of a 3978 square foot duplex.

R-Control SIPs: Panels were supplied from factory: Cut to length and width. Spline and plate pockets were factory cut.

Scope of work – Walls:

  • 312 lineal feet of 8 ft. high walls – installing 2X plate material in factory cut openings and header openings, top plate.
  • Bottom sill plate over conventional floor system, as in SIP-105.
  • R-Control SIP was set over sill plate, as in SIP-105.
  • Panel to panel connection was done using surface spline, as in SIP-102 and SIP-102d.
  • Corner connection was done, as in SIP-103.
  • Door, window openings field plated, as in SIP-114 and SIP-115.
  • 4 man crew was used to hand set panels and execute details with assistance of crane.

Results – Walls

  • 4 men spent 9 hours 45 minutes or 39 man hours to set 312 lineal feet of wall.
  • 8 lineal feet of installed R-Control SIP per man hour.
  • 64 square feet of installed R-Control SIP per man hour.