Project Description

Sussex School

The Sussex School is a private elementary school and is the first LEED certified school building in Montana. R-Control SIPs (structural insulated panels) were selected in the design to provide superior air sealing and insulation for walls and roofs creating significant energy savings. SIPs deliver an airtight envelope which reduces air infiltration creating a more comfortable indoor air environment. The Blower Door Testing for these buildings are 0.53 and 0.6 Air Changes per Hour (ACH @ 50 Pascals pressure). Using SIPs as part of this green building design helped accomplish the following goal of Sussex School:

 “The efficient design will create hands-on learning opportunities for Sussex students and for the greater community of students in Montana. New curriculum and associated lessons will be based on concepts such as energy conservation, emissions reduction, water and wastewater usage, recycling and reuse of building materials. Construction of this “green” building affirms our school’s core values of conservation, education and environmental stewardship, and demonstrates the benefits of the eco-conscious design.”
– Sussex School

Project Details


Sussex School
Missoula, MT




Big Sky Insulations

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