Project Description

Carver Hawkeye Arena

The Carver Hawkeye Arena was originally built in 1983 and required updating to meet current needs. Below-grade perimeter insulation was used to insulate the exterior walls of the newly remodeled arena and new office extension. The arena is now a multi-purpose building that holds lectures, ceremonies, concerts, and other events in addition to athletic events.

20,000 square feet of Type II molded polystyrene insulation with borate in 2″ x 4′ x 8′ sheets were installed along the exterior perimeter of the 213,412 square foot building.

Molded polystyrene insulation was selected as a below-grade insulation because of its many advantages over other insulations, particularly when it comes to water absorption. The real world performance of moisture resistance and ability to maintain its R-value convinced architects of its superior quality. The addition of borate termite resistant treatment made it even more appealing for the project.

Project Details


Carver Hawkeye Arena
Iowa City, IA




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20,000 square feet Foam-Control Perimeter Insulation Foam-Control Below-Grade Insulation