Project Description

Badger State Fruit Cold Storage Facility

Nearly 2 million board feet of flat roof insulation and over half a million board feet of perimeter and underslab insulation were used in the construction of the new cold storage facility.

The new cold storage facility had to be built to withstand many years of operation. The owner required a way to keep their operating costs on the new cold storage facility low while achieving the very demanding temperature control requirement.

The choice to use molded polystyrene insulation evolved out of the plant manager’s research into materials that would meet performance, cost, constructability and environmental criteria. It couldn’t break down underground—it had to hold up for years of operation and not become damaged by moisture.

While researching, the plant manager learned that molded polystyrene insulation does not lose R-value over time and that it provides a 100% R-value warranty. With environmental considerations in mind, they were looking for insulation that also contained recycled content. This insulation contains up to 15% recycled content and is recyclable by most locations.

Project Details


Badger State Fruit
Pittsville, WI




ACH Foam Technologies

186,250 square foot building 10.8" thick roof insulation 2" thick perimeter insulation Contractor: Mark Konrardy Engineer: Don Nikolai