An Architectural Insulation Like No Other

From Frost Line to Roof Line.

Foam-Control® PLUS+® is used in a wide range of critical insulation applications: Perimeter, Underslab, Cavity Wall, Wall Sheathing, Precast Concrete Core, Flat/Tapered Roofing, Vegetative Green Roof, Plaza Deck, Drainage Board, and Waterproofing Protection. All of these applications benefit from the exceptional physical properties and wide range of board thicknesses, sizes, and options available with Foam-Control PLUS+.

Foam Face-Off

Foam-Control PLUS+ outperforms XPS and Polyiso.

 Foam-Control PLUS+ provides more R-value at a lower cost

 XPS and Polyiso use blowing agents that cause R-value loss over time

 Polyiso loses R-value during cold and extreme high temperature exposure

 Foam-Control PLUS+ available in 15, 25, 40, and 60 psi strengths

 Foam-Control PLUS+ has a stable long term R-value

 XPS has shown to take on moisture in building applications where water is present and has a low potential to dry
 Foam-Control PLUS+ has a superior drying potential

 Foam-Control PLUS+ is more vapor permeable to help avoid moisture problems


With Foam-Control PLUS+, you’re in control of your materials.

Foam-Control PLUS+ is engineered to give you the greatest possible control over your project application: from design and timelines,
to material cost, and ultimately, control over your results.

Cavity Wall
Precast Concrete Core
Wall Sheathing
Flat/Tapered Roofing
Plaza Deck/Vegetative Green Roof
Drainage Board
Waterproof Protection

All of these applications benefit from the physical properties and range of board thicknesses, sizes, and options available with Foam‑Control PLUS+.