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Custom Castings

Custom Casting Custom Castings is a pioneer in the development, perfecting, and manufacturing of cost saving pre-formed fiber glass reinforced gypsum and concrete architectural materials (FRG and GFRC). These materials provide unlimited decorative and functional properties.

The exceptional properties of Custom Cast (FRG – fiber glass reinforced gypsum) and Ultra Cast (GFRC – glass fiber reinforced concrete) allow us to create or duplicate the most intricate designs and patterns in minute detail, with true precision. Intricate is no longer difficult, fabrication to close detail is easy, textures are unlimited, unusual designs, curves, and radii are specialties.

Ultra Cast (CFRC) is dense, insoluble and unaffected by weather, temperature change or pollutants such as sulfur, nitrogen oxides and acid rain. It is freeze-thaw resistant and has a superior resistance to windborne abrasion.

Custom Cast (FRG) has far greater scratch resistance than plaster and requires less touch-up and maintenance. In high traffic areas where extra strong materials are desired, FRG-HIR (High Impact Resistant-Fiber Glass Reinforced Gypsum) Custom Cast can be fabricated.

The design and construction of both Custom Cast (FRG) and Ultra Cast (GFRC) products provide a material rigid and strong enough to maintain its original contour with minimal framing.

Custom CastingYour success is our business. Because we plan to build long-standing relationships, we will help you get your jobs done faster, easier, and more economically with superior materials. You will then be able to increase your business by being able to handle more jobs within the same time period. Each new job is another compelling reason to use Custom Castings. Whatever America is building, there are jobs that can be done better, more quickly, and at less cost, using Ultra Cast (GFRC) and Custom Cast (FRG) products.