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Owens Corning FOAMULAR is an extruded polystyrene rigid foam insulation offering exceptionally long lasting R-value; superb water/moisture resistance properties; and a range of compressive strengths to meet the application needs of the architect, contractor, builder and owner. It is a unique balance of properties found only in the closed-cell structure of an extruded polystyrene insulation. FOAMULAR can be very efficiently used in construction applications such as concrete or masonry cavity walls, wall furring, insulating sheathing, perimeter/foundation walls, precast concrete and in certain applications where a higher compressive strength insulation is needed to withstand heavy loads, i.e., under concrete slabs, plaza decks, etc. FOAMULAR is also ideal for use in all types of roofing including single-ply, tapered, BUR and protected membrane roofing systems, either on new roofs or in the re-roofing of old roofs.

Performance and Application

Insulating Effectiveness Long-term, aged thermal resistance (R-value) of 5.4 at 40ºF and 5.0 at 75ºF, mean temperature for 1 inch of product thickness. It is an R-value higher than other commonly used insulating products and recommended for long-term performance. Available tongue and groove edges provide tight fit of FOAMULAR panels to further reduce air infiltration. Built-in rigidity resists damage to panels even when backfilling or in use under slabs.

Moisture Resistance FOAMULAR offers exceptional resistance to moisture of all kinds — ground water, condensation, water leakage, freeze/thaw cycling — for long-term retention of high R-value. Excellent hydrophobic properties minimize wicking and provide superior dimensional stability under elevated moisture conditions. FOAMULAR is also resistant to the deleterious effects of mildew, fungus, corrosion and common soil acids.

Choice Of Strengths, Sizes FOAMULAR is available in a variety of compressive strengths ranging from a high of 60 psi (min.) to an economical 15 psi (min.) — the world’s lowest density extruded polystyrene insulation. A selection of standard sizes and thicknesses precisely meets most application needs. Custom sizes are available, as required.

Ease Of Handling, Installation FOAMULAR is a rigid foam extruded polystyrene product, requiring no foil facing, that’s lightweight, durable and impact resistant. These features facilitate both handling and installation and permit ease of sawing, cutting and scoring.

Fire Ratings Assemblies using FOAMULAR include wood and steel stud walls, masonry walls, fire sensitive and “Class A” roof decks, and fire resistant roof-ceiling assemblies; see UL directories and the Factory Mutual System Approval Guide.

  Foamular Sheathing

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Thermal Foams, Inc. stocks the following Foamular Insulation Products:

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Note: Before using these products refer to manufacturers literature for product details, application instructions, and all warnings.