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Atlas Roofing Corporation

Atlas Roofing Corporation
Energy Shield: Because customers demand high quality, cost effective building materials, the assurance of Atlas technology plays an important part in choosing the proper sheathing product. Atlas Energy Shield sheathing provides an envelope of insulation that covers both batt and stud while efficiently protecting the wall’s 20% framing factor from energy loss. With a 7.2 R-value per inch, Energy Shield’s insulating power is confirmed as the highest of its type in the industry, based on long term R-value testing.

The sheathing core is state-of-the-art polyiso foam produced through the use of HCFCs and has a closed-cell structure that provides optimal energy efficiency. This quality foam provides superior fire performance characteristics as compared to styrene type foam insulation. The facers are triplex foil on the weather side with a single layer of pure aluminum foil on the other side. Energy Shield’s performance is unaffected by exposure to ultra violet light which may affect other types of foam insulation. Energy Shield’s light weight allows for easy installation and the use of conventional fasteners. It is easily cut to conform to irregular wall angles or projections.

ACFoam® Supreme features Atlas closed-cell polyiso with tri-laminate foil facers. Supreme provides the highest R-value per inch of any of the ACFoam products, and is specifically designed for use with mechanically attached and loose-laid ballasted single-ply membrane systems. This product, with its low vapor permeability foil facers, is particularly suited for cold storage and metal building applications. ACFoam Supreme cannot be used directly with hot asphalt, torch applied or any fully adhered systems.

Note: Before using these products refer to manufacturers literature for product details, application instructions, and all warnings.

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